Composting... made easy?
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Author:  NBjoe [ Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Composting... made easy?

I was talking to someone in the Village the other day about gardening and my mulch pile. "I don't know where you find the time to do that," she said. Huh? What "time"? Here's what I've done to create my mulch pile, which after six years is producing pretty well. The one in New Berlin is well over 30 years old (albeit a lot bigger, and in a woods) and I'm getting the same results. In both I only had to scrape away the top two to three inches of "new" material to get to usable compost this spring. My secret:

1. Summer - dump grass clippings

2. Fall - add leaves that don't make it to the curb in time, and dump grass/leaf clippings

3. Repeat annually, harvest when needed after a few years.

Simple, eh? No bagging and hauling it to the recycling center. I don't turn it (although it is being turned a bit now that I'm digging into it). In short, I add the ingredients, "set it and forget it", and let it cook. So I don't see where the "time" factor comes into play, aside for waiting for it to decompose.

I think the experts have made creating compost much more complicated than it really is with special bins and turning them. However, from what I've read good compost smells "earthy" while bad compost stinks. I've never had a compost pile that stunk.

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